About Undead Presence

We are a well established guild on Kilrogg, having over 12 years service on the realm. Kilrogg is joined with Runetotem and Nagrand, so players from these realms can also join.


We Raid 3 nights a week, and aim to clear as much content as possible.


We are always looking for new social players to join our guild!


We have social channels across social media as well as in-game and Discord

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All the latest news from Undead Presence!

Argus Heroic Defeated!

Argus the Unmaker has been defeated on Heroic! Really good job to everyone involved in getting him down! Curve is ours, and so is Khadgar’s mount! We will be looking to move into Mythic if Read more…


Aggramar HC Defeated!

Good news everyone! Aggramar Heroic has been defeated pushing us up to 10/11 on heroic difficulty. We managed to forget to take a screenshot again so here’s am image of myself and Tachi showing off Read more…

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