Evening Everyone! Well the Firelands Nerfs went into effect today, and we were a healer down as Dinuru was unable to attend so we pugged one, we stupidly wiped on Beth’tilac, and after that wiped the floor with the first five bosses. Baleroc & Alysrazor were hit the most with the nerfs and these were […]

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Firelands Nerfs

Well here they are finally, at least we got 5/7 before these went live! Originally Posted by¬†Blizzard September 20 Dungeons & Raids Firelands Hell Hound Rend Flesh damage has been reduced by 25%. The damage multiplier granted by energy to Unstable Magma has been reduced by 50%. Alysrazor Health and damage have been reduced by […]

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Good Evening Everyone! Alysrazor is finally down! We managed to get her down this evening after getting into the swing of things, the kill was only a matter of time. This was a really nice kill and well deserved. Alys proved to be a rather tough boss in Firelands, although tougher than Majordomo. We had […]

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