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Upcoming Pet Changes in Battle for Azeroth

author image by Proximity | Blues | 0 Comments | 15 Feb 2018

Here’s one for the hunters out there! Battle for Azeroth changes incoming to pets! Read below for the full post from Blizzard.

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Dungeon XP Hotfixes

author image by Proximity | Blues | 1 Comment | 15 Feb 2018
Originally Posted by OrnyxHi all, From WoW’s earliest days, we’ve always had to take steps to limit experience gains for characters when grouped with someone of a drastically higher level. We recently became aware of a bug introduced in 7.3.5:... Read more

Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking is Back! February 13-20

author image by Proximity | Blues | 0 Comments | 13 Feb 2018

Yogg-Saron Awaits! Ulduar Timewalking is now available and Yogg-Saron – the lucid dream, the monster in your nightmares, and the fiend of a thousand faces – awaits. When: The Ulduar raid is available throughout the Wrath Timewalking event. Difficulty: The…

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