Draenor EU


Casual Raiding since 2006

Undead Presence is a Casual Raiding Guild based on Draenor EU. We were originally formed back in 2006 on Kilrogg. We have been raiding since The Burning Crusade and have cleared all raid content on normal difficulty or higher.

We are a relaxed mature group of individuals who play Warcraft for fun, but to also experience end-game content as a group in a relaxed ans casual environment for all to enjoy.


What to Expect from Undead Presence

We believe that World of Warcraft should be a fun environment for all to enjoy and so we live by these three key points.

Open honest discussions

no drama

positive fun environment

Latest news

What's new with Undead Presence?

Hello All! We’re now getting to the end of the life cycle of BFA (thank god!) and moving towards Shadowlands in our new home. Many changes along…

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Good news everyone! A VERY late post but we defeated Queen Azshara!


Apply in-game or conplete the form below.

Alternatively you can message Mystweaver in-game (Draenor EU).

We have been around since 2006 and are currently looking for mature skilled players to join our core raiding team. We are currently in need of ALL ROLES to rebuild our team since to moving to Draenor.

All other classes and roles are considered, as we are a casual raiding guild sometimes backups will be required.

Our raid nights are varied throughout the week, although usual raid nights are Weds, Thurs, Sun & Occasionally Monday around 9PMST – 11PMST. We may not raid on all of these days but will try to clear the content.

Put some effort into your application - if it only took you a minute or two to write it, it'll most likely be rejected just as quickly. Whether you like it or not, first impressions are important .

Character Name
The name of the character(s) you're applying with.

Character Class
The class of the character(s) you're applying with.

Armory Link

The professions your character is using.

Talent specs & Gear Level
Which spec(s) are you playing? What kind of gear do you have?

Being able to play multiple specs or classes is very helpful for many reasons. Can you handle other specs/roles than your primary one? Do you like them? Are you willing to switch to them if needed?

Class Info
What can you tell us about your class? Why do you like it? What about ability priorities? Useful cooldowns and utility spells? Anything about stat priorities?

Raid Experience
Which bosses did you kill while they were current content? Any memorable moments, favourite bosses, etc.?

Guild History
Tell us something about your previous guilds, why you joined and left them etc.

When can you raid?
We raid on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, mostly from 20:00-22:30 server time. Sometimes we raid on other days if those are not avialable. Please tell us when we can expect you to be online so we can see if the schedules are compatible.

Where are you from?
Represent your country!

Age: How old are you?
We've had problems with rage quitters and don't want any more!

About You
Tell us something about yourself. We want to get to know the person behind the in-game character; after all, this is a team game and it's nice to know the other members of the team and find people with similar interests!

Why do you want to join and what do you expect from the guild?

UI and Keybinds
If you're applying for a raiding spot, list your keybinds here and post a screenshot of your combat UI. You can upload it as an attachment.

Upload your UI here.
Anything Else
If there's any other information you'd like to share with us, please do so here.

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