Boss Kills

Uldir: G’huun Defeated!

Good News Everyone! G’huun has been defeated in Uldir Normal Mode in our second week. Amazing progression for the start of a new expansion, goob work to everyone involved.We also managed to defeat Heroic Taloc this week, pushing us up to 1/8 Heroic, which will hopefully be more next reset. Read more…

By Proximity, ago

August 20th Hotfixes

Blizzard has posted hotfixes for today which includes Darkmoon Deck tuning: the Caster and Tank decks were buffed, while the Agility/Strength deck was nerfed. Also of note, Legion Assaults have returned and the pesky Enforcers fromĀ FreeholdĀ no longer drop threat of the tank! Here you’ll find a list of hotfixes that Read more…

By Proximity, ago

Argus Heroic Defeated!

Argus the Unmaker has been defeated on Heroic! Really good job to everyone involved in getting him down! Curve is ours, and so is Khadgar’s mount! We will be looking to move into Mythic if / when we have enough regular raiders! Recruitment is open!

By Proximity, ago